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this is an AWFUL sex position. why did i let you talk me into this. where are my arms


💀🔫 thought you saw the last of me 💀🔫


💀🔫 thought you saw the last of me 💀🔫


It took me 18 years to realise Saturday has turd in it


Ok, so this is my concentration body of work from my AP Studio Art class in my senior year of high school. It’s all in ball point pen, although the backgrounds are pencil.

My concentration topic was transmogrification\the act of changing into a different form or appearance (especially a fantastic or grotesque one)

My concentration statement:

Having taken the AP Studio Art class in my senior year of high school, my thoughts were always on the huge transition facing me. My art, over the course of the year, explored the overwhelming and sometimes seemingly impossible nature of transition and transformation. I discovered that the transition into life as a college student seemed just as bizarre to me as the sometimes gruesome transmogrifications that appeared in my art.

I wanted to capture my feelings towards the changes I was going through, namely the application to college, changing friendship dynamics, and a development of my values and self. These, to me, seem just as peculiar as the unnatural shifts depicted in my art. Many of the pieces are a shift into something natural. In these images, the subjects are being overcome with natural phenomena; they are being burnt, overcome with flowers, integrated into a wasp nest or consumed by fungi. These processes are all relatively slow, like gradual, incremental shifts in personality, values or maturity. Other images depict abrupt and unnatural changes, representative of immediate transitions, like going away to college. Later in my works I began working in pairs as a comparison of different aspects of transition. My subjects often have ambivalent expressions or hidden eyes, signifying an unawareness or indifference to their transformation. Some of these images are self portraits. As my concentration was an introspective process about what I was feeling, I wanted to depict myself being transformed. One image is of my sister, who will be transitioning into high school next year. Artists such as Sachin Teng and Marco Mazzoni inspired me, as they also deal with transformation in their works.

(Please, please don’t take these without permission. I worked on this body of work for like three months.)



From the moment I saw you, I knew I was gonna spend the rest of my life avoiding you.

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